SeaBeacon 2 System 6 RACON

A frequency agile radar beacon (RACON), provides dependable service to all marine radars including those with modern narrow band receivers. SeaBeacon® 2 System 6 is unequaled in frequency matching accuracy, consistency pulse-by pulse response and advanced sidelobe suppression.


A favorite lantern for many, up to 10NM

MaxLED 200 features unique proprietary optics engineered to project a 360°, horizontal, high-intensity, long range beam, in excess of 10NM. Efficient, compact, one piece, powerful lenses are available in either wide or narrow vertical divergences, making the MaxLED 200 an excellent choice for a broad range of applications including buoys, offshore structures and land-based installations including lighthouse upgrades.

Constructed of rugged, corrosion-resistant marine aluminum, MaxLED 200 is able to withstand the most severe environments, including icing regions of extreme latitudes. A combination of high efficiency optics, power conditioning circuitry and high intensity LEDs makes MaxLED 200 ideal for solar power installations. Proven LED technology merged with redundant power supplies provide highest reliability, for years of uninterrupted service.


Designed specifically as a 10NM back-up light

MLED-150Ex brings the benefits of LED technology, low power, high reliability and low maintenance, to the Zone 1 environment. The flasher and optical source assembly, designated MaxiHALO-150, is designed after the proven MaxiHALO-60.

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